Sock Monkey Classroom Theme

Sock_Monkey_ClassroomTheme-Classroom_InspirationsEveryone loves sock monkeys! How can you not with their silly smiling faces and their floppy legs and arms? Our Sock Monkey Classroom Theme is so fun and cheerful in orange, yellow, green and blue. All of the designs and products can be combined to create a perfectly matching classroom that is uniquely yours.  Numerous products are editable, just pick your font, add your text and print!  It really couldn’t be easier.

Don’t you love the whimsical curly frames? You can add our printable buttons and a bit of bulky yarn to make it look super cute. The little sock monkeys adorn many of the products with their smiling faces, but big and small sock monkeys can hang out anywhere in your room with the Sock Monkey Accents.

Sock_Monkeys_Button+Monkey_Accents_ClassroomInspirationsWe loved our sock monkeys so much we named them!
The little boys are Sebastian and Percy and the
little girls are Lillie Belle and Blossom.
What will you and your kids name yours?

Sock_Monkey_Banner4_ClassroomInspirationsBanners look so pretty on a wall!

Sock_Monkey_Banner__Classroom_InspirationsOr, to bring a happy feeling to your library.  Use them anywhere!


Sock_Monkey_Alphabet_Labels_Classroom_InspirationsThese delightful number lines and alphabet letters are
the perfect size for walls or above bulletin boards.




Sock_Monkey_SmallLabels_Classroom_InspirationsOur Sock Monkey Classroom Theme has everything you need to be organized.  Name Plates,
Book Bin Labels, Table or Center Signs, and signs that fit just about anywhere.
You’ll find so many reasons to use these cute labels!

Sock_Monkey_Postcard_Classroom_InspirationsSend this adorable post card to all your kids. There’s room on the back
to write a special greeting and for the address.  Instructions on how to print
front to back are included in the file.

Sock_Monkey_Stationery_Classroom_InspirationsThese charming papers are perfect for newsletters, writing notes to parents, and for so
many other uses.

Sock_Monkey_CandyBarWrapper_Classroom_InspirationsCandy bar wrappers are the “sweet” way to welcome kids at open house!

Sock_Monkey_GiftBag_Topper_Classroom_InspirationsDo you prefer to give gift bags with pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.?
Then this extra adorable gift bag topper is just the thing.
Pick it up for free in my shops!!



Sock_Monkey_WordWall_Labels_Classroom_InspirationsThe Sock Monkey theme has it all!  Birthday Chart, Behavior Chart
and Word Wall Labels to compliment the rest of the theme.

Sock_Monkey_Poster-Frames_Classroom-InspirationsPosters are a great way to add things like class rules, Star Student of the Week, create math charts,
editing rules, classroom helper schedules, or anything else you need displayed.

Sock_Monkey_BinderCovers_ClassroomInspirationsMatching binders and spines, of course!

Sock_Monkey_Student_Work_Toppers_ClassroomInspirationsWhy not take your classroom theme right out to the hallway?  These adorable Student Work Display
Toppers make it easy to do. Just add your own sign, banners and some cute monkeys!
And, instant adorable happens.

Sock_Monkey_Portraits_Classroom_InspirationsYep, our cute sock monkeys smiled for the camera.  But you can only get them in
the Sock Monkey Theme Bundle available in our shops.


Where to Buy:

Sock Monkeys and Monkey Magnets   . . . . .
Metal pails   . . . . .   Michaels
Yellow and orange vases   . . . . .   Michaels
Portrait Wood Frames . . . . . Michaels

Sock Monkey Classroom Theme Contains
the Following 24 Products:

Alphabet Line
Banner – Editable
Behavior Clip Chart
Binder Covers and Spines
Birthday Chart
Book Bin Multipurpose Editable Labels
Borders or Frames – Editable
Button Accents
Calendar Set
Candy Bar Wrapper
Decorative Accent Papers
Editable Rectangle Labels
Gift Bag Topper
Hundreds Chart
Large Center Labels or Signs
Name Plates
Number Line
Post Card
Sock Monkey Accents
Sock Monkey Portraits
Student Information Card
Student Work Displays
Teacher Stationery
Word Wall or Multipurpose Labels


  1. Connie winslow says:

    Where can I purchase these?

    • Hi Connie,
      Thank you for your interest in our Sock Monkey Classroom Theme! It truly is a “happy” theme and my kids loved it. There are lots of ways you can purchase this theme. The entire room theme can be purchased in my shop (Classroom Inspirations) at Teachers Pay Teachers ( You can also purchase the pieces individually. My website has links to my shops at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook you can click. Also, you can click on my “Shop” button under my header and go directly to my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

      Hope you have tons of fun decorating your new classroom!!