Mike the Headless Chicken

Mike_Headless_Chicken_Classroom-Inspirations If you have reluctant writers, this research project is sure to get their attention! In 1945, a farmer was sent out into the yard to bring back a chicken for dinner. After he beheaded the chicken, he didn’t die! In fact he lived for 18 more months, pecking, preening, and touring the country. (I know you are going to Google this!)

As soon as the students hear about Mike the Headless Chicken, they don’t believe it’s true. But I always have every student’s attention in the classroom! As soon as I tell them about the research project, they absolutely can’t wait to get started with their research. Even your most reluctant writers will be engaged in this lesson.


Items included in Mike the Headless Chicken research project:

• Lesson Plan
• Research questions on note cards
• Decorated stationery
• Rubric
• Multiple resources cited for research