Ladybugs and Dots – 4 New Products Added to Theme!!

Ladybugs-and-Dots_Classroom_InspirationsTa-da! Here’s my long awaited additions to my Ladybugs and Dots Theme!! I’ve added an alphabet line, binder covers and spines, a number line and a behavior chart. I know I’ve been promising all of you who have been emailing me to get these in my shop, but my life tends to be a bit crazy, as in crazy busy.

I’m a full time teacher, wife, and mother of two boys (which means Lacrosse four days a week; music lessons; and, everything else). Oh, and pets – our sweet Lab, frogs, and a Leopard Gecko. And, we just got a new tiny toy apricot poodle, so I see a lot of puppy training in my future! He’s so cute!

I tend to be passionate about designing my room themes and will redesign, if necessary, several times until it’s “just perfect”. It really starts coming together when I’m staging my room for photos. Sometimes when it’s all set up and ready to start photographing, I’ll see something that isn’t quite what I had in mind after all, and down it comes, and I’ll redesign until it’s perfect. Such is the case with the banner. I thought the tags looked too small, so I have now enlarged it. Ladybugs and Dots is my all time favorite classroom theme. I just love it and I hope you will too!

Here’s a little “teaser”… Ladybugs and Dots is now offered as a bundle in my shops, and at a great discount price for all 19 items! The nameplate is a free download in my shops, and is not included in the bundle.

This cute alphabet line will look so nice on your wall.  I’ve included three blank tags
so you can add other text or change the font to one of your choice.


Ladybugs and Dots Behavior Clip Chart comes ready to print.  I’ve also included blank
pages so you can change your font or text.  A nice bonus to this set is you can
use the pages as posters!  Just add your text and enlarge to the size you need.


Binder covers and matching spines are the cutest way to pull the whole
classroom together.  They are both fully editable.


The Ladybugs and Dots Number Line adds a nice color touch to your walls.  Included
tags are numbered 1 – 30.  Two additional blank tags will allow you to add your own text,
change your fonts or use any way you wish.

The following items are available in the Ladybugs and Dots Collection:

Alphabet Line
Behavior Clip Chart
Binder Covers and Spines
Birthday Charts
Book Bin Multipurpose Editable Labels
Bordered Posters
Calendar Set (Includes: Base, Month Headers, Header End Tags and Number Tags)
Center/ Table Signs
Decorative Accent Papers
Flower Accents
Flower, 3-Dimensional
Hallway Passes
Ladybug Accents
Name Plates
Number Line
Small Multipurpose Square Labels
Small Rectangle Multipurpose Labels
Whimsical Frames
Word Wall Headers

Click the “Classroom Themes” button above to see lots of pictures of the full line
of products in the Ladybugs and Dots collection.