Ladybugs and Dots – Five More New Products Added!

Ladybugs+Dots_New_Products_ClassroomInspirations This theme is one of my very favorites! I love how the red and black looks with the baby blue background. I’m so happy I once again added new products, because they are so cute!  I love them and hope you will too.

These cute products will be added to the Ladybugs and Dots theme bundle: Hundreds and Multiplication Charts, Note Cards, Post Cards and a Candy Bar Wrapper. I have also added another free product to this theme! You can download the Student Identification Card anytime, so it will not be included in the theme package. Don’t forget that the nameplates are free too!

Now Ladybugs and Dots will have 23 great products (plus 2 freebies!) that you can mix and match. You will have everything you need for your room to match perfectly! If you have previously purchased the bundle, you can simply download it again to have access to all of the new products. I hope you and your students love it as much as I do!

Hundreds and Multiplications Charts are a great addition to the classroom!



Note cards and post card are perfect for sending home a quick note or a much appreciated “Thank You” to a parent.  They are editable, and you can also add your favorite font! The Student Identification Card which will keep your kids information right at your fingertips!


There is also a really cute Candy Bar Wrapper, which I haven’t taken a picture of yet. Next time I set up my photography equipment, I’ll snap one and add it here.

The Note Cards, Post Cards, Hundreds and Multiplication Charts and the Candy Bar Wrapper have all been added to the Ladybugs and Dots Classroom Theme. So, if you have already purchased the complete theme, just download it again from my shop for free. Hope you will enjoy these new products!!

The entire Ladybugs and Dots Classroom Theme now includes:

Alphabet Line
Behavior Clip Chart
Binder Covers and Spines
Birthday Charts
Book Bin Multipurpose Editable Labels
Bordered Posters
Calendar Base, month headers, header end tags and numbered tags
Candy Bar Wrapper
Center/ Tables Signs
Decorative Accent Papers
Flower Accents
Flower, 3-Dimensional
Hallway Passes
Hundreds and Multiplication Charts
Ladybug Accents
Name Plates – Free
Number Line
Post Cards
Small Multipurpose Square Labels
Small Rectangle Multipurpose Labels
Student Information Cards – Free
Whimsical Frames
Word Wall Headings / Alphabet Letters