Classroom Routines Interactive Posters


Brand new to my store and fast becoming one of my favorite classroom products are the Classroom Routines Interactive Posters. Why you ask? Using these posters to teach my kids classroom routines has helped me to stay consistent, reminds me of the procedures and routines that I want to address and is also motivational for my students.

Classroom routines that are mastered by your class can then be moved from the first poster to the “You Got It!” poster. This provides a great visual for teachers and students alike. Throughout the year, any routines that may require extra practice can then be moved back to the practice side. Once all routines have been mastered, throw a party to help students buy in! It’s so easy to establish your classroom routines.

This really is the easiest method I have ever used in my classroom to teach classroom routines.


Included in this package are 28 routine cards for commonly taught routines that are ready to go. Each classroom is different and so are the routines that are unique to your class. That is why editable cards are included! You can tailor the routine cards to your classes’ needs and even update them throughout the year as the need for new routines arise.

The Classroom Routines Interactive Posters are available in 9 styles and colors. Several will coordinate with other classroom themes in our product line, so you can match your classroom perfectly.

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