Bridge the Gap with Transition Words

Transition_Words_Bridge_Activity_Classroom_InspirationsStudents often struggle to include transition words in their writing. In this lesson, students will learn that transition words help writers “bridge” the gap between ideas.
Students will practice using transitions by using “bridges” to help them understand their purpose in the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Two worksheets are included for additional practice as well as a student reference sheet or poster. Once students get the hang of using transition words, they can try writing about a machine they would like to create. A graphic organizer is included to help students plan their machines. Of course, transition words will have to be used to describe how their contraptions work!

Activity includes the following:

• Billy Goat Gruff activity with bridge manipulatives
• Two transition words practice sheets
• Transition words poster or student reference sheet
• Writing with transitions task plus a graphic organizer
• Stationery featuring transition word bridge for easy student reference