Lake Peigneur – The Lake that Sucked up Everything! – A Mini Research Project

My kids have absolutely loved writing about the ‘biggest oops’ ever! Some kids liked to call the accident the ‘vortex of doom.’ They have been so excited to learn about Lake Peigneur [Continue Reading]

Mike the Headless Chicken

If you have reluctant writers, this research project is sure to get their attention! In 1945, a farmer was sent out into the yard to bring back a chicken for dinner. After [Continue Reading]

The Little House ELA Unit

There sure is something enduring about the book, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. She is a master at personification and brings the Little House to life. I love the pictures [Continue Reading]

There Was an Old Lady Fall Sequencing & Writing Activity

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air and it is my favorite time of year! There Was an Old Lady themed books are fun to read and are a great [Continue Reading]

Edward the Emu Persuasive Writing Lesson

Edward the Emu is one of my favorite books. Students love the animals and the surprise ending. Students will write an opinion piece about which animal they think is the best in [Continue Reading]

Hey Little Ant

Children are intrigued by the opened ended question at the conclusion of the book, Hey Little Ant by Phillip Hoose. This book lends itself perfectly to writing a persuasive/ opinion paper. In [Continue Reading]