How Santa Got His Job Writing Unit

I so love Christmas time, but I also know that I need to plan very engaging lessons to help my students stay on the nice list! I have read How Santa Got [Continue Reading]

Aliens Are Coming! Descriptive Writing lesson

Kids absolutely love learning about the War of the World’s Broadcast that happened in 1938. It was one the greatest Halloween hoaxes of all time! People everywhere believed that Martians were invading [Continue Reading]

Pumpkin Centers and Witchy Fun

Your kids will absolutely love the fun activities included in this package. Kids will be excited each day as a new ingredient is added to Poofalina’s Potion such as “chicken feet”. They [Continue Reading]

The Absent Author Mystery Novel Study

The Absent Author by Ron Roy is a great mystery book that engages even reluctant readers. My kids have always really enjoyed being “Reading Detectives.” I have read this book several times [Continue Reading]

There Was an Old Lady Fall Sequencing & Writing Activity

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air and it is my favorite time of year! There Was an Old Lady themed books are fun to read and are a great [Continue Reading]

Apple Reverse Graphing Activity

Reverse graphing is so much fun! It is great way to see if students are able to interpret the data from a graph and it is an easy way to assess students. [Continue Reading]

Calendar – Interactive Set

When I taught little ones, I always did calendar math daily. I still use the 100s chart often with my third graders. I love to play Guess My Number, skip count, make [Continue Reading]

Knots on a Counting Rope

This is a touching story about a blind boy and his special relationship with his grandfather. The counting rope is a metaphor and is used to illustrate the passage of time in [Continue Reading]

Math Journal

I wanted to create a daily math journal that covered a lot of the Common Core Standards, was easy to differentiate, and did not require me to pull new resources each week [Continue Reading]

I Love My Pretty Paisley Classroom!

There is nothing like the tired you feel the first week of school. But, it has paid off, my room looks great and I love my kids! They really seemed to enjoy [Continue Reading]