The Little House ELA Unit

The-Little-House_ELA_Unit_Classroom_InspirationsThere sure is something enduring about the book, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. She is a master at personification and brings the Little House to life. I love the pictures and how the story is perfect for teaching so many different things! The unit is called a craftivity because it is a “craft” and has many “activities”. Each activity is added to an adorable folded house to create a fantastic final project that is lots of fun! Very detailed directions with diagrams accompany each activity. Kids will love creating the Little House and adding to the house project each day!

All the cut out sections fit perfectly on the folded little house.

Sometimes my kids will color the house like the picture on the book,
other times they are very creative!

My students always love how the house has a flip front.

There are two lined versions of writing paper included,
so you can choose which you need for your class.

This unit requires minimal prep and includes the following:

• Easy directions to make the foldable houses
• City and Country Comparison Chart
• Sequencing Sheet
• 5W Graphic Organizer
• Transportation Timeline
• Four Season Detail Activity
• Personification Writing Activity
• House Shaped Venn Diagram


  1. Do you have a tutorial on how to fold the little house?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your interest in The Little House. Yes, included with the lesson plan are illustrated instructions detailing exactly how to fold the house. My kids really enjoyed “building” their house and the lesson.

      Thanks for stopping by,