The Absent Author Mystery Novel Study

The Absent Author by Ron Roy is a great mystery book that engages even reluctant readers. My kids have always really enjoyed being “Reading Detectives.” I have read this book several times with my students in reading groups and they have always enjoyed it.






Throughout the book, students are active participants as they collect clues, investigate possible suspects, and take notes. Once you play ZAP with your kids, they will beg you to play it again and again. The culmination project was a big hit with my students! Students are assigned clues from the story to incorporate into their 3-deminional dioramas that create an I-Spy mystery for their friends. Our media specialist allowed us to display their final project in the media center. They kids were so proud! Everything you need is included to make reading fun and engaging for your kids!




Absent-Author_Detective_Classroom_InspirationsAbsent-Author_Detective_Classroom_InspirationsIt’s so cute to take pictures of your little “detectives” in a hat, coat and magnifying glass.







The kid’s dioramas really turned out so cute!




 The Absent Author Mystery Novel Study includes:

• Case File Label
• Clue Sheet
• Suspect Sheet
• Vocabulary Flipbook
• Diorama Directions
• Vocabulary Game – ZAP
• Vocabulary Quiz
• End of Book Quiz – Aligns to 3rd Grade Common Core Standards
• Assessment Project and Rubric – Aligns to 3rd Grade Common Core Standards
• Reading Detective Certificate