Odysseus and the Cyclops – A Fictional Narrative Writing Lesson

https://i1.wp.com/classroominspirations.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/OdysseusCyclops_Writing-Lesson_ClassroomInspirations.jpg?resize=250%2C324This narrative writing lesson uses the classic story, The Odyssey, and the cliffhanger that the story concludes with to motivate students to write a good to bad story. My kids had so much fun with this writing lesson. I was impressed with their creativity!

The story is highly engaging because it includes trickery and a Cyclops! What kid doesn’t love a good story about a Cyclops? Built into the lesson are mini-lessons about writing leads and using dialogue. Links to the story, book suggestions, a video example, plus all of the resources needed are included.


They all loved coloring the Viking ship and drawing their own backgrounds. The Cyclops corner bookmark will be a huge hit and one your kids will use frequently. Everything you need to engage students and have them produce a strong final project is included in this easy to use, no prep lesson.

This lesson includes the following:

•   Lesson plan
•   Graphic organizer
•   Stationary
•   Fun Cyclops craft to enhance students’ published work
•   Viking ship to color and create their own picture