How Santa Got His Job Writing Unit

How-Santa-Got-His-Job-Writing-Unit_Classroom_Inspirations I so love Christmas time, but I also know that I need to plan very engaging lessons to help my students stay on the nice list! I have read How Santa Got His Job for a few years and they always seem to enjoy it. Each year I have added a bit more to the unit and I am excited about sharing it with you. I start by reading aloud the book just for fun and then again as we work through the Pros and Cons page as a class. After that, I have students fill out the Newspaper Article Planning sheet. This graphic organizer really makes writing the article easy. Did you see the newspaper template? Students feel like they are really “publishing” their work because of the realistic look to it. Next, students will love helping Santa out by writing a help wanted ad for one of the many North Pole employment opportunities. Students can then choose which one they would like to apply for and draw a picture of themselves in their new job. My kids have always liked to come up with jobs that Santa might need help with and they enjoy the freedom to apply for the one that they like best. This unit usually takes about two weeks for me to complete with my third graders.


How Santa Got His Job Writing Unit includes:

• Pros and Cons activity sheet
• Newspaper Article Planning Sheet
• North Pole Newspaper Template (prints on 8½” x 14” copy paper)
• Help Wanted Ad fill in the blanks activity sheet
• Employment Application
• I Want to Work for Santa bordered drawing paper