Calendar – Interactive Set

Calendar_Interactive_Set-5_Classroom_InspirationsWhen I taught little ones, I always did calendar math daily. I still use the 100s chart often with my third graders. I love to play Guess My Number, skip count, make change and round using the chart. A while back, I saw a request on Teachers Pay Teachers for an interactive calendar and decided that it would be exciting to make. I choose fun primary colors, along with chevrons and dots, so that kids would find it appealing. I know they will be excited to be the “helper” of the day. In no time at all, your class will learn the months of the year, days of the week, change of the seasons, weather forecast vocabulary, number of days in school representation, and much more for each day! Once students understand what is required, the set can be used as a daily math center. A student activity sheet is included.

Three sets of numbered pattern cards keep the calendar looking
new and different each month.




This Interactive Calendar Set includes:

• Interactive Calendar, dimensions 18 ½” high x 26 ¾” wide (1 piece)
• Days of the month numbers (3) three sets, each with different pattern sequence sets (93 pieces)
• Monthly calendar headers (12 pieces)
• Year labels (4 pieces)
• Days of the Week Chart with “Today is”, “Yesterday was”, and “Tomorrow will be” labels (4 pieces)
• The Season Is Chart with (4) four season labels and (8) eight weather forecast labels (13 pieces total)
• How Many Days Have We Been In School? Chart with (3) three sets of number cards from 0-9 (31 pieces)
• Number Sentences Chart (1 piece)
• Hundreds Chart, dimensions 14 ¼” x 14 ¼” (may also be enlarged) (1 piece)
• Standard Form, Expanded Form and Word Form Chart (1 piece)
• Pattern of the Month Labels (3 Pieces)

This set contains 166 pieces.

Compete printing directions are included.