Apple Reverse Graphing Activity

Apple_Reverse_Graphing_Classroom_InspirationsReverse graphing is so much fun! It is great way to see if students are able to interpret the data from a graph and it is an easy way to assess students. In this activity, the graph is complete and it is up to students to draw a picture from the data presented. Students really get how to read a graph and they can show what they know with the graph questions that are included. Fall is great time to incorporate apple themed lessons and the final product from this activity will look wonderful in the hallway!

Apple_Reverse-Graphing_Classroom_InspirationsI prepared this as a teacher example for my kids to see. It always helps
them to have an example to see how to complete their own projects.

This activity includes the following:

• Title graphic
• Four complete graphs
• Picture paper
• Graphing questions
• Apple, basket and pie decoration cutouts
• Activity instructions