Aliens Are Coming! Descriptive Writing lesson

Kids absolutely love learning about the War of the World’s Broadcast that happened in 1938. It was one the greatest Halloween hoaxes of all time! People everywhere believed that Martians were invading the Earth. Start out by reading Aliens Are Coming! The true account of the 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast by Meghan McCarthy. If you have never read the book, you are in for a treat! The pictures of the aliens are fabulous and kids love that it really happened. My kids were arguing over whose turn it was to read the book after the lesson!



My students have always been excited about this writing lesson. I always teach it after the book and I think it is fun too! The pictures provide a great visual for editing! As a culminating activity, students can repeat the game with a new group of friends after they have edited their work. This would be a great way to see if it was easier to match their pictures to the writing.

 This Descriptive Writing Lesson Includes:

• Lesson outline for reading and writing activities
• Fact or Fiction activity sheet
• 5 alien pictures
• Alien design sheets
• Alien drawing cards
• Student stationary – 4 versions