Seuss-like Colors Classroom Theme

Seuss-like-Colors_Assorted-Products_Classroom_InspirationsOh! The wonderful things you can do with our Seuss-like Classroom Décor! We’ve used colors that match perfectly with your commercially purchased Dr. Seuss classroom products, and created all kinds of thingies for you to add to your classroom! Even if you don’t have Dr. Seuss in your classroom, these colorful products will make any room bright and cheerful, while adding an adorable whimsical look!

This whimsical classroom theme offers everything you need to compliment your commercially purchased Dr. Seuss classroom products. Your room will match perfectly and look so completely put together! There are lots of different designs that coordinate and can be combined in many different ways to help you create your dream classroom! Most of the items are editable so you can create your own special products that will say exactly what you need.

**Our Seuss-like Colors products were created to coordinate with Dr. Seuss commercial products in color only and as such, are NOT Dr. Seuss products. No copyrighted images, graphics, logos or products were used in the creation of our Seuss-like Colors Classroom Theme products. Dr. Seuss wall decals or stuffed toys that were used in our photography were commercially purchased and used as photography props only and are not portrayed as being for sale by Classroom Inspirations.**


Oh, the things you can do with all these cute, editable products!


Brighten your classroom with our cute “Welcome” banner.  It comes ready to print and also with an editable version, just waiting for you to add your own font and text!


Hang these cute banner tags in your library area for some whimsical fun!


You can use these adorable papers for frames, borders, newsletters, posters, binder covers (and yes, there are four matching binder spines!) and whatever you can think of.


This is one of my favorite new products!  I would laminate everything, and use Vis-a-vis markers to write names on tags.  Then, you can use it year after year!


Hundreds and Multiplication Charts are perfect to print for your kids desk, notebooks or poster size on your wall!





Binder covers and labels, so many ways to use them!


These smaller rectangle labels are perfect for labeling storage boxes or bins, cubbies, bulletin board activities and so much more.


Lots of great, editable products to mix and match.


Editable Name Plates!  Just imagine all the ways you can use these great labels.


Business cards coordinate with all our Seuss-like papers!



I just love these whimsical papers.  Use them for cutting out letters for your bulletin boards or walls.  Or how about wrapping cans or boxes to hold supplies?


Whimsical Frames!  These are so much fun.  They are editable, so you can add your own font and text, print and cut out.  Or, you can print out the frame and laminate it, then cut out the center.  Now, you have a frame that you can use over and over just by taping your insert to the back.  Use them for your kids work to hang on your walls and change as often as you need!



Teacher Toolbox labels, such a great idea!  These are all over Pinterest and I wish I knew who to thank for this amazing storage idea.  These are free in my shops!


Candy Bar Wrappers are a “sweet” way to welcome your kids back to school, say thank you to someone, or for any other occasion.  They fit right around a Hershey’s 1.55 oz. bar.  I’ve had other teachers tell me they work well on some granola type bars also.


The Seuss-like Colors Classroom Theme is available in my “Shop” above or by clicking on the Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook link to the right.

Seuss-like Classroom Décor Contains
the Following Products (most of which are editable):

Banner Flags (two styles to choose from)
Binder Covers and Spines
Birthday Sign and Tags
Book Bin Multipurpose Labels
Borders or Frames
Business Cards
Candy Bar Wrapper
Decorative Accent Papers
Hundreds and Multiplication Charts
Large Center Labels or Signs
Name Plates
Rectangle Labels
Student Information Card
Teacher Toolbox Labels
Whimsical Frames


  1. Tiffany Clark says:

    Where did you get stuff characters?

    • Hi Tiffany,
      Thank you for stopping by to see our Seuss-like Colors Classroom Theme! I bought the wall decals on Amazon, they have a good selection. The plush toys I borrowed from a teacher friend at my school. I’ve had other teachers tell me that they can also be found on Amazon and some of them at Kohl’s.

  2. Tammy Mckean says:

    do you sell a file to print out these items?