About Us

How it all began:

Gone are the days when teachers only had the supplies at the store at their disposal, now it’s a digital world out there! I get so excited thinking about putting my new room décor together each year. I’m always looking at colors, patterns, magazines, flowers and anything that starts me thinking how I can use it in my own room. I have always liked to have a room that looked “put together.” It is nearly impossible to find fun and unique items that match exactly what you need in teacher stores and elsewhere. For the last several years, almost exclusively, everything that I’ve used in my room décor has been something that I’ve designed. That is what has brought me to where I am today and the start of Classroom Inspirations.

Let’s face it; we spend more time in our rooms than we do at our homes. Why not create an environment that is enjoyable for students and you? Let your inner decorating diva out and go wild! Classrooms are fun to decorate because there is no limit to your imagination! I love the fact that you can reinvent the space each year (or at least when you have to change rooms). It takes a lot of your valuable time to think about how to change your room décor, and then start the shopping process from store to store. It is my hope that at Classroom Inspirations you will find items you love and a bit of inspiration that will make putting together your new room simple and enjoyable. In my blog you will find lots of photos on ways to use my products in your classroom. Keep checking back as new themes and fun items will be added often.

Why I Create:

I love teaching and most everything that goes along with it. I have always gotten really excited about the start of a new year, changing my bulletin board and displaying student work. I love arts and crafts and anything that requires creativity. Besides working with my kiddos, decorating my classroom and writing lesson plans is the most fun for me. After finishing my masters, I found myself antsy with the extra time I had on my hands. I decided to fill that space by creating fun and functional decorations and lesson plans for teachers. It is what I love to do!


I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I later returned to college and earned my Masters in Early Childhood Education from Mercer University. My endorsements are in reading, gifted and special education. I have taught every grade level in elementary except for kindergarten! Currently, I am a special education teacher and love working with my second and third graders.

My Hope:

It is my hope that as you visit my site, you will find quality items that you love and pieces that inspire. Everything that we create is made with attention to detail and great care is taken to make items we are proud to share. I would love to see your personal touches and creative ways that you use our pieces, so please send me your pictures! I can’t wait to see what you create!

Meet My Mom:

I have been teaching for twelve years and have always enlisted my Mother’s help. Year after year she has helped me create all the new signs, decorations, shop for new stuff, and hang everything on the walls and bulletin boards. She has always been my inspiration, and together we have fun making anything that I draw out or think up. She is the smartest person I know. It only made sense for me ask her to join me in this new venture! She is a great partner and super talented.